"Dr. Kirstie Lawton has been a great help to my teenage daughter, diagnosed 18 months ago with autoimmune hepatitis. Not only was she able to connect really well with her on a personal level, but she also made her understand that diet is a major contributor to health and wellbeing. Like a lot of teenagers, she didn't listen to her parents, but Kirstie's professional yet friendly method of communication broke through the resistance and now my daughter is fully engaged with the concept of “nutrition first”. I am so happy that Kirstie was able to help my daughter and would recommend her without hesitation." Alison Atkinson.

"Dr. Kirstie Lawton helped me prior to and on the return of my one-month stem cell treatment for my MS in Mexico. I found her easy to work with, knowledgeable, and caring. She helped me considerably with meal planning and advised me and my family on how to safely rebuild my immune system. The advice I received has proven very useful to this day.  I would definitely recommend Kirstie." Morwenna Davenport.

Dr Kirstie’s Lawton's help, guidance and support has helped me no end. Before our sessions, I had started to have an unhealthy relationship with food; I was constantly bloated, in pain, my immune system was weak and I had been slowly cutting down on food, avoiding eating and essentially living on coffee. With Kirstie’s guidance and support, I managed to change up my eating habits as well as minor life adjustments and I have never looked back. I have become so much healthier and happier, and a lot of it is down to Kirstie. I cannot thank her enough." Jessica Bates McIntyre.

"I found Dr Kirstie Lawton through a personal recommendation at a time when I needed help and had found none through my own GP. I have various auto immune conditions and have always suspected that my problems were food related. After the initial, very comprehensive consultation, I felt very confident that Kirstie would, with her comprehensive knowledge, be able to help me. Since then Kirstie has been a tremendous help and support to me, my symptoms are improving and I have confidence that with Kirstie 's guidance I will be able to improve further." NM. 

"Dr. Kirstie Lawton supported and advised me in pre-pregnancy, helping me to optimize my chances of conception, and throughout the duration of my pregnancy. She has continued to advise me on the nutritional care of my son. She is knowledgable and empathic, which is really reassuring to a first time mum like me". Jo Williams. 

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