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"I’ve been really delighted to work with Kirstie. She’s given me the confidence that I can actually eat to make myself well, rather than carrying on punishing myself for being incapable of losing my the excess weight I’ve carried for years. I have a long history of Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis.  I’m post-menopause, with a BMI of over 30 and a grumpy gut.  All of which I was trying to deal with using apps and information gleaned from the internet, unable to find any GPs or endocrinologist to take interest or treat with anything other than levothyroxine and instructions for a low-fat diet. What a difference it made getting in touch with Kirstie only 6 or 7 months ago! I haven’t looked back. She has, step by expert step, guided me through first eliminating what I had believed was IBS but turned out to be SIBO, then later rebuilding my gut flora.  All the while advising on adopting a sustainable diet that helps keep my thyroid and food intolerances in check.  This measured approach has helped me enormously, and she has always encouraged me to reach out by email in-between sessions on any sort of side issues. I feel SO much better. Kirstie is an inspiring nutritionist. I felt confidence in her deep knowledge and friendly competent approach from our first appointment. Since she specialises in autoimmune support, as well as in gut health and food intolerances, I feel that really landed on my feet when I contacted her first and am very happy to recommend her services. My consultations have been worth every penny." Sarah Steines

"Three words to describe my experience with You Nutrition Clinic: Thorough. Knowledgeable. Successful. I am a pretty typical middle-aged bloke who doesn't seek much medical support but had some health challenges and wasn't happy with my doctor's prescription of pills and waiting for things to worsen. This review aims to offer a factual and genuine summary of my experience and why I recommend You Nutrition Clinic so often! Thorough: Initial engagement and assessment was easy. I immediately knew I had found the clinician for me.  At this stage, I had already spoken with 2 others. Kirstie arranged assessments and contacted my doctors to ask for further support with blood tests. Knowledgeable: Although there was an initial hypothesis of the issues causing my health challenges, Kirstie proposed the appropriate tests, some supplements and a diet protocol to be introduced, everything was explained to me in understandable and palatable language. Successful: The outcome has been no more kidney stones, gout, bloated discomfort, black-dog days and poor sleep.  I feel 20 years younger and more energetic in all parts of my life,  A four-year decline into ill-health and the appearance of an auto-immune condition was halted and managed within the space of 3 months! Thank you Kirstie!" Jonnie Davis

"Before I met Kirstie I felt lost and alone, struggling after one of the worst flare-ups of Ulcerative Colitis that I had ever had. Let down by modern medicine and determined to find an alternative to steroids and immunosuppressants,  I had started the AIP Diet through some research on the internet. Then someone recommended Kirstie.  Kirstie listened, looked at my WHOLE self; an entire history. And she applied science, logic, and support. She combined research and expertise with what she knew I really wanted; to live a 'normal' life and be as healthy as I can be. After taking some GI tests and learning more about my body, Kirstie has recommended supplements and food that will nourish and heal my body. 10 months ago I had lost too much weight, and was too tired to even put my own daughter to bed. I was visiting the toilet 15 times through the day and night, and I had given up hope. When I met Kirstie she finally made me feel like someone was on my side, gave me a concrete plan, and backed it with science and recent research. My UC symptoms have completely reversed... I have gone into remission without the use of steroids for the first time in my life, and I feel empowered to have healed my own body. I am not there yet, still some pain and fatigue, but Kirstie isn't giving up! She is practical, supportive, and non-judgemental. And she is conscious about my own lifestyle and budget; she goes above and beyond, she isn't pushy about appointments or tests, just great at giving me the facts and the information to decide for myself." Caroline Hart. 

"My wife Sheelah had tummy problems and so contacted Kirstie. To say she has been very thorough is an understatement. She has arranged special blood tests for Sheelah and analyzed carefully Sheelah's Food intake diary and adjusted her diet accordingly with excellent results. Dr. Kirstie has also suggested certain supplements instead of conventual tablets and ordered them on our behalf with again excellent results, Furthermore, she is in close contact with our family Doctor who is also very impressed with her treatment. Sheelah is very happy and would recommend anyone with a problem to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kirstie." David Saunders

"Kirstie was brilliant helping to sort out my sons' health issues arising out of nutritional/ student living demands." JB

"I reached out to Kirstie due some mental health and brain fog issues, as she specialised in Neuroinflammatory health, gastrointestinal issues and immune health. Suffering with memory and concentration issues possibly related to hypothyroidism Kirstie took a thorough history of my illness and past issues and suggested trying gluten-free. She devised an easy-to-follow nutrition plan with recipes and suggestions for cutting down sugar, and also suggested supplements that would help boost my immune system and gut health. The added bonus was I lost almost 1st over a 6 month period just from making diet changes, which impacted my overall health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Kirstie for her professional and thorough manner and wealth of knowledge." FD

"Dr. Kirstie Lawton has been a great help to my teenage daughter, diagnosed 18 months ago with autoimmune hepatitis. Not only was she able to connect really well with her on a personal level, but she also made her understand that diet is a major contributor to health and wellbeing. Like a lot of teenagers, she didn't listen to her parents, but Kirstie's professional yet friendly method of communication broke through the resistance and now my daughter is fully engaged with the concept of “nutrition first”. I am so happy that Kirstie was able to help my daughter and would recommend her without hesitation." Alison Atkinson.

"Dr. Kirstie Lawton helped me prior to and on the return of my one-month stem cell treatment for my MS in Mexico. I found her easy to work with, knowledgeable, and caring. She helped me considerably with meal planning and advised me and my family on how to safely rebuild my immune system. The advice I received has proven very useful to this day.  I would definitely recommend Kirstie." Morwenna Davenport.

"Dr Kirstie’s Lawton's help, guidance and support has helped me no end. Before our sessions, I had started to have an unhealthy relationship with food; I was constantly bloated, in pain, my immune system was weak and I had been slowly cutting down on food, avoiding eating and essentially living on coffee. With Kirstie’s guidance and support, I managed to change up my eating habits as well as minor life adjustments and I have never looked back. I have become so much healthier and happier, and a lot of it is down to Kirstie. I cannot thank her enough." Jessica Bates McIntyre.

"I found Dr Kirstie Lawton through a personal recommendation at a time when I needed help and had found none through my own GP. I have various auto immune conditions and have always suspected that my problems were food related. After the initial, very comprehensive consultation, I felt very confident that Kirstie would, with her comprehensive knowledge, be able to help me. Since then Kirstie has been a tremendous help and support to me, my symptoms are improving and I have confidence that with Kirstie 's guidance I will be able to improve further." NM. 

"Dr. Kirstie Lawton supported and advised me in pre-pregnancy, helping me to optimize my chances of conception, and throughout the duration of my pregnancy. She has continued to advise me on the nutritional care of my son. She is knowledgable and empathic, which is really reassuring to a first time mum like me". Jo Williams. 

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