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What is functional medicine/nutritional therapy?
Functional medicine/nutritional therapy is an approach that considers all possible root causes to a health condition and/or to presenting symptoms including genetics, nutrient deficiency and excess, environmental and lifestyle factors, trauma and stress.

Is nutritional therapy covered by health insurance?

If you have health insurance you may be eligible for a refund of your appointment fees. You should discuss this directly with your insurance provider. At this time, I do not liaise directly or collaborate with any health insurance providers.

Is our consultation confidential? 

You Nutrition follow strict GDPR guidelines, which means that all of your records are securely stored and everything discussed is completely confidential. You can request your records, or request deletion and/or transfer of your records at at any time. 


Is nutritional therapy available on the NHS?

Unfortunately, Functional Nutrition isn’t yet available on the NHS.


When and how do I pay?

Payment is required ahead of appointments. You can pay by direct debit or I can provide you with a safe payment link. Payment details will be provided when you book your initial consultation.


How many consultations will I need?

Everyone’s individual health needs are different. However, most clients will require a minimum of an initial consultation plus 2 follow-on appointments.


What is the duration of appointments?

The initial consultation is 1 hour in duration. During this appointment, depending on your capability and needs, a range of recommendations will be made for implementation. Follow on appointments are 40 minutes in duration.


What is the frequency of appointments?

This varies depending on client need but generally speaking, appointments are scheduled 4 weeks apart.

Can I contact you between appointments? 

We encourage clients to reach out following an appointment for clarification on any of the recommendations made, and between appointments if there is an issue e.g. a change in symptoms, to provide an update, or to send in GP test results. If clients feel that they require midpoint appointments between full appointments, they can schedule a 20 minute consultation at a cost of £50. 

Do I need to complete any paperwork?

There is paperwork to be completed ahead of the initial consultation. A Terms of Engagement document needs to be completed before an initial consultation can proceed. Further paperwork includes an initial questionnaire and a timeline of life events. There is also sometimes the need to complete a food and symptoms diary. Completing this provides me with the level of detail I need to fully review your case and maximises the support I can offer you.

What if the paperwork feels too much?

Not everyone has time or ability to complete paperwork, so there is an option to extend an initial appointment to 1.5 hours with an additional cost of £75 if you would prefer for me to complete your paperwork with you in the initial consultation.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs may include supplements. When these are recommended, they are sent in a ‘shopping basket’ via the Natural Dispensary online supplement shop with a 10 % discount applied. Clients can also opt to source their own supplements directly from supplement companies. There may also be additional costs as you implement the recommendations such as changes to your weekly shop.

Will you run any tests?

Quite often, testing will be suggested to determine markers for health. Where possible, all required tests are requested via your healthcare provider. However, in some cases there may be grounds for ordering private functional tests which have varying costs. Options for these will be discussed in full during appointments. Functional tests range from £100 - £600 depending on the test. Tests will be suggested based on your case presentation and your budget. 


Will you speak with my healthcare providers?

I will write to your healthcare providers to request tests or to report any concerning symptoms. Your permission would be requested and you would be copied in to all correspondence.


What is your availability?

Appointments are scheduled around other commitments so please reach out if you'd like to schedule an appointment and we can discuss this further. 


You can schedule any of the following appointments by using the contact form, by emailing us at, by emailing Kirstie or Deborah directly, or by calling the Rutland Clinic on 01572 820108

Initial chat
Duration: 15 mins
Cost: Free

To ensure that you receive the most appropriate support, we offer a free 15-minute initial chat that can be scheduled by contacting us, via the contact form or by emailing


During this time, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your health concern or the health concern of your child, so that we can determine if we are the best fit for you and your family. This is also your opportunity to ask us questions. 

Initial functional nutrition consultation  
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £150

An initial functional nutrition consultation is for any client who has concerns related to their health or the health of their child and would like a full review of their health and nutritional status. You will be sent an extensive questionnaire to complete, and once this has been returned, we will schedule an initial appointment. At this appointment, we will discuss your health history or the health of your child in detail, and put together a staged diet and lifestyle plan, which may include supplements and nutraceuticals. If required, options for testing will be discussed. 

Initial consultation including food intolerance testing 
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £225

*Currently available in Rutland only*. The food intolerance consultation is for any client who would like to undergo in-clinic testing for food intolerances and receive bespoke dietary guidance based on the results. You or your child would attend the clinic in person and undergo validated testing that requires a blood sample, taken through a simple finger prick.  While we are waiting for the results, we will fully review your health history. Once the results are available, we will discuss how best to adapt your diet or the diet of your child. 

Follow on consultation
Duration: 40 mins/30 mins
Cost: £90/£75

At the end of the initial appointment, we will schedule the first follow on appointment. The date for this will be dependant on your health needs, but we typically schedule the first follow on appointment between 2 and 4 weeks after the initial consultation. Further follow-ons are scheduled depending on your requirements. It is recommended that clients schedule regular appointments to ensure availability. Kirstie or Deborah will advise you on the appropriate frequency and appointment duration to best support your needs. 

3-month package
Initial plus 3 follow ons
Cost: £375

Discounts are available when appointments are purchased in blocks and scheduled ahead of time. By purchasing a 3-month package you save £45 of the overall cost (RRP £420). Should you require continued support after the 3 months, these sessions can also be purchased in blocks of 4 x 40-minute sessions for £330 (£30 discount) or 4 x 30-minute sessions for £270 (£30 discount). 

Initial Standard Nutrition consultation
Duration - 1 hour
Cost: £12

A standard nutrition consultation is for clients who are interested in improving their health and nutritional status, improving their nutritional knowledge, are require support with any of the following: advice relating to diet, lifestyle and supplementation; weight management; pregnancy support; weaning; and infant or child nutrition, including education around dietary needs and management of fussy eating; family or individual meal planning. Note that these appointments do not offer support for health conditions. 

Follow on Standard Nutrition consultation
Duration - 40 minutes
Cost: £9

For those who require a follow up standard nutrition consultation, a date for this will be added at the end of your initial consultation, or alternatively, consultations can be scheduled as required. 

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